Below you will find the rituals associated to each candle. We know that different things work for different people; so with that in mind, we've created rituals that you can adapt to fit your disability and/or your preference.



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Take the time to think of exactly what you would like to accomplish. Once you’ve come up with your wish, repeat it three times in your mind, write it down on a blank piece of paper, and place it under your candle. Now light your candle, state your wish out loud, then say:


"I put my wish out into the universe. Today I decide to contribute to my success. With the help of this candle, I create my destiny and allow myself to flourish. I prioritize my goal and take the necessary steps to prosper. I consciously view each moment as a chance to manifest my dream. I deserve to thrive. Opportunity is on my side."


Trace circles around the candle 3 times clockwise then 3 times counterclockwise to seal your intention into the wax. If you have completed your goal before you finish your candle, grab your piece of paper from underneath and drop it into the candle. Enjoy your success as you watch the paper catch. If you reach your accomplishment after the candle is done, drop your paper into the empty jar. You may continue to write down your wishes on pieces of paper and add them to the jar as you manifest each of them. Your New Year celebration would be the perfect time to then read all the wishes you’ve fulfilled. 


Savour this moment: it is entirely yours.


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Collect a couple items from outside; it can be two sticks, two pinecones or a bit of earth. Once you enter your ritual space, open your windows so that inappropriate energy can exit. Have a seat with your candle set in front of you. Take a moment to acknowledge your rootedness. Now hold your items in both hands. Take a deep inhale. Hold. Sigh loudly. Focus on your items. How do they feel? Is the earth/bark soft or dry? What do they smell like? How do they sound? Do they have any particularities you can see? Pay close attention, and name what you sense out loud. Get creative with it (I like to hear the crunch of the bark as I rub my thumb against the stick). When you feel like you have listed all that you’ve sensed, you may light your candle while continuing to hold your items. Thank the source of your choosing by saying (or singing):


"I recognize the forces outside of me, and admire the influences they have on all aspects of life. I accept what I cannot control and respect myself enough to release what does not empower me. I allow the elements of nature to remind me that I am a part of a bigger picture; I am the universe. I constantly change, I flow, I adapt. I am present. I am strong in a way that is unique to me. "


While you say this, observe the flame closely. Your bayleaf will catch. As the leaf burns, envision the protective shield the light brings you. Take in what you need. Your candle is filled with your power and can be used to store your blessed items once it is finished. You may use it to recharge your crystals.




Savour this moment: it is entirely yours.


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Put on your favourite playlist. Take a seat. Close your eyes. Breathe deeply. Tap your sternum lightly for a minute before placing your palms on your knees, facing up. Take a moment to check in with yourself. How does your body feel? Is your mind overwhelmed? Drop what no longer serves you. When you are ready, open your eyes, and light your candle, saying (or singing):


"I call upon the blessings within this candle to guide me as I allow myself to receive unconditional love and compassion. I am good. I am worthy. I am inspiring. I deserve to blossom. As the wax melts, so do my fears and feelings of guilt and shame. At this moment in my life, I am the best version of myself."


Observe the flame. Let its light enter your body and expand within you. Fill yourself with all the nourishment it has to offer. Sway from side to side or in whatever motion feels best to your body. Enjoy this moment of intimacy with yourself. It is ok (even encouraged) to laugh if you feel silly doing this.


You may continue to meditate, pray, or take on a self-care ritual of your choosing.

Savour this moment: it is entirely yours.

mercury in RETROGRADE


Start by decluttering your chosen space. Put away laundry, dust surfaces, sweep the floor. Open your windows, and walk around the room while clapping to make the energy circulate. You are preparing your sacred space so that nothing gets in the way of your ritual. Set yourself in a comfortable position that is available to you (this can be standing, seated, or laying down). You may put on the music of your choice to set the mood. Place your Mercury Rx candle in front of you, and create a semi-circle with salt in front of the candle to represent the soul and the mind. If you own Amethysts and/or Selenite, set them near the salt, following your intuition.

Light your candle, stare at the flame for a moment, then close your eyes when you are ready. Start imagining the colour purple. As the colour brightens in your mind, imagine your intuition strengthening. Let the colour fill your head. Envision your candle’s flame glimmering through the purple. Observe how it brings you protection from whatever will be popping up in the next few weeks during this retrograde. When you are ready, open your eyes and say (or sing):


“I recognize the flame shining through as the inner-child I suppress. I vow to protect it from my destructive patterns, and allow the highest version of myself to shine through. I no longer fear my potential; I embrace it. I call upon my inner-child to materialize itself and expand my understanding of the universe through creative play. I am already who I was destined to be. I am inspired. I allow myself to take up space”.


Close your eyes again. Now imagine the highest version of yourself. Are they a coffee, tea, or hot cocoa kind of person? What qualities describe them? Are they fearless? reserved? compassionate? What does this version of yourself smell like? Think of each intricate detail. Then pick the word that sticks out most to you, and carve it into the top of your candle.


In the following three weeks, gather images, texts, plants, and any other form of inspiration for your highest-self, and place them on your altar (or on a blank wall) in a way that feels intuitive to you. This ritual should be fun and has no end goal. Allow yourself to appreciate the quirky elements that inspire you. Indulge in your individuality; in your truest form.

Savour this ritual: it is entirely yours.


art by SpllGirl